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03 Oct 2011


Today the Olympic track will be unveiled to media


Today the most expected event of all pre-olympic times will take place in London: the official presentation of the track on which all athletics' competitions will contest during London 2012 Olympic Games.

LOGOC, the Organizing Committee of the London Olympic Games, will reveal all the secrets about the imperious Olympic Stadium, in particular the ones concerning the very fine track planned and realized by MONDO S.p.A, leader company in the production of civil and sporting floorings.

First, the color: the loved athletic tracks’ classic red combined with the external areas’ grey, then the large size of the track: about 16000mq is the size of the full area.
For the 10th consecutive time, MONDO, is going to live as a protagonist the main sport event of the World. In 1976 in Montreal began a great relationship between MONDO and the Olympic Games which combined sport culture and technology to support performance and safety of the athlete.

Athletes will compete on the MONDOTRACK FTX, the surface borne out of research by Mondo, on which numerous medals have been won, and which was used during the 2008 Summer Olympics. As on that occasion, the track will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of both the London Olympic stadium and the English climate. MONDOTRACK FTX is the result of careful analysis of the foot’s biomechanics during frontal and lateral running led to the need for a track that can facilitate and support the movement of the feet, making it more reactive and reducing “rolling” time, in other words the time between the moment the foot lean on the 5th metatarsus (outside portion of the foot) and the 1st metatarsus (inside portion of the foot).
The design of a new backing and a different form of honeycomb structure (usually hexagonal), have given rise to improved grip for the athlete and greater elasticity of the track, so that sportsmen can be sure of their physical safety, and their performance.

Maurizio Stroppiana, General Manager of Mondo commented: “The first time we took part in an Olympic Games was Montreal in 1976. However, the emotion in seeing our beautiful track laid down in the stadium for another Olympic Games is stronger and stronger every time”.

As “Official Supplier for Sport Flooring and Equipment”, Mondo will not only supply materials, but all logistic and technical support services in the preparation stages, as well as during and after the event.

It is testament to both their experience and expertise that, in response to the specific request of LOCOG, Mondo will be able to cover the needs of as many as 10 different sports disciplines, such as two of the most representative Olympic sports, athletics, basketball, as well as some important Paralympic sport disciplines, wheelchair basketball, rugby, boccia and goalball.

LOCOG's decision, in line with the theme of eco-sustainability which features strongly in the London Games, rewards the efforts made by Mondo in terms of Research and Development: the products provided are environmentally friendly throughout all stages of their life, from production, which uses recycled raw materials, through to their disposal.

To further meet the goal of “zero-waste Olympics” proposed for London 2012, Mondo has also agreed to provide some of the materials on a rental basis, and has pledged to reassign them after the event for further use.

Some materials will however remain the property of LOCOG, including surfaces and equipment for athletics, and basketball court flooring and equipment.